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A Springtime Tea Party

Spring Tea Party Napa

There she was, smiling at me with her fair skin, freckly nose and beautiful big brown eyes.  Immediately upon getting introduced, the little girl asks me if I could join her for a tea party.  It was a sad reality that I had to graciously decline and postpone for another time, as my endless list of commitments ran through my mind giving little chance to spontaneous invitations.  On my drive home, I couldn’t help but think of her.  I made a commitment to myself that I would make that tea party very soon, as I knew the short days of waiting can feel like a lifetime for a little girl.


Spring Tea Party

Coincidentally, her wonderful mother asked me if I could prepare flower crowns for a photo shoot she and her best friend (talented photographer of these images) were planning for their two daughters.  Without hesitation, I said, “Oh yes! Of course!”  It was then we all began to bring this sweet tea party to life.

Spring Tea Party

For the next few days, we all excitedly collaborated ideas.  Sending images of flowers, props, and treats and location ideas.   Seeing what each other had, and who would bring what.  Then one day the perfect mustard field was spotted, it was tucked away and untouched, a hidden gem of Sonoma County.  We all knew it was the one.

Spring Tea Party

The day came and my daughter and I pulled into the field.  Two little girls in white dresses and cowgirl boos came running to the flower van.  We all shared squeals and gasps as I revealed the crowns, the arrangements, the vases, cupcakes and macaroons.  My heart smiled as I was brought back to the childhood enthusiasm of a carefree world where the simple pleasures delighted us.

Spring Tea Party

There we were, three mothers with their three daughters in a mustard field in Sonoma County.  We spent the rest of the afternoon playing in the setting sun, laughing, running in the field and indulging in sweet treats and breathing in the warm spring air.

Spring Tea Party

We played until the sun went away and the air started to chill.
Sadly our tea party had to come to an end.

The day was a magical success.  To see the happiness in their eyes would fill my hearts for days to come.


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